Family Care Concept

Essential Social Services in Washington, DC

Rekindle relationships and break bad routines with counseling from ABR. We offer community-focused social services in Washington, DC, including a family support system, consulting, and training on a variety of subjects.

Heal and Grow

Sometimes, life circumstances make it easier to stay in the shadows. ABR hopes to bring people out of this self-imposed exile and connect with others through our family support network. Ideal for those that have experienced divorce and are now looking to move on with their lives, our meditation methods empower you to grow emotionally, physically, financially, and professionally.

Consulting and Training

Financial matters tend to baffle even the smartest people at times. We are here to help. ABR gathers the community, academic institutions, such as Howard University, ethnic groups, and professionals for everyone’s benefit. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Happy Family - Family Support

Contact us for a true breath of fresh air with meditative family support, educational consulting, and training services.